Epiphany and Lent Series 2019

10 Sundays on the Sermon on the Mount,Matthew 5-7, January – March 2019 at All Saints Lydiard Millicent

Epiphany and Lent Term Preaching series.


Sunday January 13th Baptism of Christ

Psalm 29 Matthew 5:1-12    1st of 10-part series.

Sunday 20th January Epiphany 3

Psalm 36-5-10, Matthew 5:13-20

Sunday 27th January Epiphany 4

Psalm 19, Matthew 5:21-30

Sunday 3rd February 5th Before Lent

Psalm 48 Matthew 5:31-48

Sunday 10th February 4th Before Lent

Psalm 138, Matthew 6:1-15

Sunday 17th February 3rd before Lent

Psalm 1 Matthew 6:16-24

Sunday 24th February 2nd before Lent

Psalm 65, Matthew 6:25-34

Sunday 3rd March Sunday next before Lent

Psalm 99, Matthew 7:1-11

Sunday 10th March 1st Sunday of Lent

Psalm 91, Matthew 7:12-20

Sunday 17th March 2nd in Lent

Psalm 27 Matthew 7:21-28 end of 10-part series.


Epiphany and Lent Series 2019
The Sermon on the Mount