Galatians 5 sermon points


Stand firm in what Christ has done for us on the cross.

Stand firm knowing that there is no condemnation when we are in Christ Jesus.

Stand firm in the Holy Spirit as he brings forth the fruit in your life.

Stand firm, fully committed to loving your neighbour as yourself.

Stand firm, in saying NO to a life of the flesh.

Stand firm in Christ.

And rejoice in your freedom!



 Who do you think you are?

•  I am a child of Abraham because I have faith in God

•  I am blessed through the seed of Abraham (Christ).

•  I am an inheritor of the promise made to Abraham by God;   an heir to the covenant.

•  I am justified before God because Jesus took the curse that   was mine because I cannot ever be good enough.

•  I am a child of God. Not through anything I have done but   through Christ who did it ALL.

•  I am clothed in Christ.

•  I am an adopted son – a full heir.

•  God’s spirit is in my heart.

•  Through his Spirit I can call God, “Abba”.