Jesus The Game Changer

Jesus the Game Changer

Starting Sunday February 4th 6.00pm until 7.30 pm each Sunday night at the Vicarage.

Each DVD session is 28 minutes, so we hope to finish before 7.30 pm each Sunday

How the life and Teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters

“Jesus the game changer”, is a discipleship course with a difference. Written by Karl Faase from Australia, it showcases speakers from around the world talking into the following 10 subjects:

  1. Jesus
  2. Equality
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Women and Children
  5. Democracy
  6. Care
  7. Leadership
  8. Education and Health
  9. Wealth
  10. Reason and Science

For example, the session on Women and children looks at how radical Jesus of Nazareth was in his attitude to women and children, and what that might mean if were to take Jesus seriously. The session on Democracy looks at how much of Western Societies freedoms came from the Bible.

 Discipleship is a dynamic and courageous adventure of a lived-out faith. But in today’s Post Modern, and Post Christendom culture we have to think through what the Christian faith is. This is a fresh and international look at what Jesus said and did and why he was and is a Game changer.

Please contact Tudor at  or      01793 772417

to book your place, and so we can order in correct number of course booklets.Thank you

The course is led by two people, both members of All Saints Church.

In the meantime, look up the website.