NEW The Bible Course

New to the Bible or want to go deeper? The Bible Course is for you. It shows how the key books, famous characters and epic events form one BIG Story, from Genesis to Revelation. The course will also provide tools and skills that will help you apply the Bible to everyday life.

This eight session course includes video content, discussion time, personal reflection and daily readings.

Session 1 (3 June) Introducing the Bible: The impact and influence of the Bible. How it was formed. Different translations. Interpreting the Bible. The inspiration of scripture.

Session 2 (10 June) Creation and Covenant: The creation account in Genesis. The fall. The flood. The Tower of Babel. The call of Abraham. The theme of covenant.

Session 3 (17 June) Exodus and the Promised Land: Exodus, liberation and freedom. The Passover meal. Captivity in Egypt. The law, the tabernacle and sacrifices. The story of Moses. Jesus the ultimate Exodus.

Session 4 (24 June) Judges and Kings: The cycle of the Judges. Violence in the Old Testament. The story of Ruth. Kings of Israel. Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple. Wisdom literature.

Session 5 (1 July) Exile and the Prophets: The divided Kingdom. Old Testament prophets. Exile and restoration. The story of Elijah. Putting the text in context. The story of Jonah. The close of the Old Testament.

Session 6 (8 July) Jesus and the Gospels: The four gospels. The reliability of the Gospels. Interpreting the Gospels. Jesus’s life and ministry. The Kingdom of God. Jesus’s death and resurrection.

Session 7 (15 July) Acts and the Church: The spread of early Christianity. Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. The inclusion of the Gentiles. The Apostle Paul. How to read the letters/epistles. The Book of Romans.

Session 8 (22 July) Revelation and Review: The book of Revelation. Interpreting apocalyptic writing. Judgement and New Creation hope. How to interpret and apply the Bible. Next steps with the Bible.

The course was developed by Bible Society and is being  run by Tudor Roberts and David Cain at the Vicarage Lydiard Millicent . TEL Swindon 772417 OR EMAIL or turn up on day to Vicarage SN5 3LR at 6.00pm from 3rd June weekly. It's a brilliant Course.