Puppets Alive

All Saint’s People’s Puppets (Puppets Alive)

AGM Minutes 1 October 2016

Present:  J Mumford, Tudor Roberts, Simon Belcher, Beverley Belcher, J Harris, O Harris, D Langley, J Scellier,

Apologies:  Tina Wheeler

1.      Minutes of last AGM  All agreed these were accurate.

2.      Matters Arising

a.       Socials – suggested ideas Noah’s Ark Zoo, @ Bristol, Aquarium,Bowling, Pizza Hut, Beverley to organise.

b.      New members – Josuha Scellier has joined us and Judith has rejoined. David Cain has been approached.

3.      Election of officers – Beverley was re-elected as Chairman and Tina as Treasurer.

4.      Treasurer report – Tina was unable to be at the meeting but report attached.

5.      Review of the year - 

Very commended at Rugby, Joshua Harris designed a logo for the new t-shirts. It was agreed that the joint production with Freshbrook was very enjoyable and provided some excellent learning opportunities.  Simon and Tudor went to Lydiard Millicent Pre-school and Millbrook School.  Annual Christmas special was well attended.

6.      Future plans –

Annual Christmas Production on 4th December, Plans to attend Rugby October 2017 and possibly a joint entry with Freshbrook..  Simon to chat with Tricia about Easter.  Storage required for the puppets.

7.      AOB

We have not applied for any grants for two years

A new frame is required.

Judith would like a new T- shirt please.

Tudor reminded us that we need at least 2 DBS checked adults for each session.

8.       Date of AGM 2017

24th June 2017 at 10am




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