Coronavirus Advice

Welcome to our Coronavirus Advice Page.  Here we will be adding the latest annoucements from the Church of England and any other useful links and resources to help you through this difficult time.

With the latest Government announcement from 12 December 2021 we have the following guidance for All Saints church:

  • We would encourage people to take a lateral flow test before coming to church. 
  • We encourage all those ho can to wear masks in church.
  • If people want to sing without masks on, this can be done in the Chancel area. People will be requested to sing behind masks in the remainder of the church.
  • Please sanitise hands, on entry and exit of the church.
  • The Peace will continue to be celebrated remotely without physical contact.
  • Please exit the church quickly after services and socialise outside of the church rather than inside.
  • Communion bread will be distributed by the minister after sanitising hands and whilst wearing a mask. Communion wine will be blessed in a chalice and transferred to a jug and taken to a side table in the Chancel. Small quantities of wine will be poured into wax cups. Each communicant will take a cup and discard it into the bucket provided after drinking the wine.

If you are interested to learn more about the science of coronavirus, please click on the following link from UK Reseach and Innovation.

Coronavirus Advice


Overcoming Fear
Overcoming Fear

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Church of England advice on the Global Virus Covid -19

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