8.00 am services

early morning Service 8.00am picture of our happy bunch, one sunday morning in the sunshine

All Saints Lydiard Millicent uses the Book of Common Prayer at at least two 8.00am services per month.  If you have never tried a 1662 BCP service we would ask you to do so.  Why do this?  Because the BCP is the foundation stone of reformed Anglican Theology.  Largely the work of Archbishop Cranmer with the help of others it's a gem of spiritual insight and everyone should get to know it's words and it's prayers, because they can enrich all of us in our journey of obeying, knowing and loving God.  Much error in theology today and spiritual understanding would be avoided if people included the Book of Common Prayer as part of their Christian walk wiith God.  The 8.00am congregation at All Saints are a great bunch so do give us a try.  Read the Catechism and the 39 articles of faith, and the ordering of deacons, priests and bishops and if you have any questions why not come and ask the Vicar?!   The BCP really is a mini book of worship, theology and discipleship.  Why should not a Church have the BCP and seek the Holy Spirit?  Have good reformed theology and be involved in the healing Ministry?  Come and explore what it means to have a really active faith that will set your heart on fire with love for God.

At All Saints the great thing is that you can go to an 8.00am BCP service and then go to a more modern service at 9.30am or 10.30am but the aim at each service is the same; to glorify God, convict people of sin, encourage repentance, and bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ, and build disciples who will go out and build the Kingdom of God.  Its enough to make people smile!

NB We have BCP Mattins every 4th Sunday 8.00am for Holy Communion on that day go to the 10.30am Service

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