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3 January 2018

Prominent scientists to speak during month of science and faith

For the four Sundays in January 2018 All Saints Church, Lydiard Millicent is welcoming leading scientists from three Universities and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in Swindon. All are experts in their fields and all have a living faith in Christ. Each speaker will explain how their pursuit of science and their Christian belief complement rather than contradict each other.  They will talk in the church’s main Sunday Morning service each week at 10.30am on the following topics:

7th January: Professor Keith Fox, Professor of Biochemistry at Southampton, will talk on the topic ‘Great are the works of the Lord’, relating his thoughts to his expertise in the study of DNA.

14th January: Professor John Bryant, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at Exeter, will discuss 'Making a god of our genes', highlighting the uses and possible mis-uses of genetics.

21st January: Professor Paul Ewart, Professor of Physics at Oxford, will explore ‘Chaos in Creation’ bringing together a biblical view of God and creation with insights from science to help us understand the role of faith and reason in helping us make sense of suffering.

28th January: Dr Andrew Bourne, Associate Director of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in Swindon, will bring his own perspective from the work he does across the United Kingdom in funding scientific research. Andrew is a member of All Saints Church.

All Saints vicar, Revd Tudor Vaughan Roberts, commented, “While many people think that science and Christian faith are incompatible, it has always struck me that, for the last 30 years, each church I have been in has been packed to the rafters with scientists. In Paris, we had the Louis Pasteur Institute and I remember one of the congregation saying “The more I know about Biology the more it makes me worship God, and the more I worship God the more I want to do scientific research. In Chelmsford, I had numerous engineers from Marconi and here in Lydiard Millicent, within our congregation there are experts from the Telecommunications and Space industries and Science Research Councils.”

All are welcome to the services which Revd Roberts hopes will be “an eye-opener and fascinating for all of us, whether we are people of faith or not.”

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Talk by Keith Fox (Presentation)


Talk by Keith Fox (Audio)


Talk by John Bryant (Audio)


Talk by John Bryant (Presentation)


Talk by Paul Ewart (Audio)


Talk by Paul Ewart (Script)


Talk by Paul Ewart (Presentation)