Church Leadership

 All Saints Church on a Spring day.

All Saints Church Lydiard Millicent is part of the Deanery of Swindon and Diocese of Bristol.  We are governed by Church of England laws and rules with a District Church Council (DCC) and for legal matters such as Faculties and confirmation of elections to office etc... continue to report to the West Swindon and the Lydiards PCC.

The All Saints District Church Council has a vice-chairperson, Dr Julian Wright, secretary Mr David Cain, two church wardens Mrs Pauline Cain and Mr Julian Wright, and treasurer Tina Wheeler, Vicar Tudor and Associate Minister Tricia Roberts,Deanery Synod Rep and Licenced Lay Reader, David Cain as well as others with positions of  responsibility,Andrew Bourne,Jennie Langley,Sue Jones,Nikki Iddon,Jo Bradshaw,Becky Harris and Ginnie Heads. We meet about every 6 weeks and our minutes are available in Church.  A Standing Commitee of vicar, wardens, vice-chair,secretary and LLM, and treasurer meet between each District Church Council meeting to pray and talk through key issues.  Although Church leadership deals with "serious" issues our experience is that through the guidance of the Holy Spirit ideas come up and are worked through and we know how to laugh too and have fun. Jesus promised that he would "build" His Church and he is!

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Church Leadership
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