Children and Holy Communion

 Children from a very young age can be prepared to come and take bread and wine at Holy Communion. In order to prepare both children AND adults for this change We carry out bi - annual   “Altogether sessions" to prepare both adults and children.

This is normally done with 2 sessions although sometimes we do it in one afternoon or morning.(usally using LM School)

 -The Holy Communion sessions are very hands on and interactive with lots of opportunity to share, to eat and drink and to participate in training that brings all ages together. We will have sufficient breaks in order to take everything in.

But I am an adult, have no young children surely it’s not for me? The whole idea is to have as many of the Church together so that we learn from each other about why Holy Communion is so important and how participating in it fully is transformational.

I already know all I need to know so it will not be relevant will it? Hopefully we all have new things to discover about being a community that remembers, celebrates, eats and drinks and prays. So our experience is that it helps both “learners” and those who “know a lot” Churches that have piloted this method of preparing children for Communion by involving the WHOLE Church report a growth in spiritual awareness across all ages, and a greater readiness to participate in worship.

I cannot get to both sessions does that matter? I hope that people can make commitment of time, material will be available to take away, but by its nature you get so much more out of learning together.See Church News for next session.

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