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Surveys show that over three quarters of the population pray at some point in their lives.At All Saints we send out Prayer leaflets to the whole of the Parish.You may have received one already through your letter box.We would love to have the opportunity to pray for you.You will see on the page entitled Healing Prayer that at All Saints we like to copy the Jesus method and when people request help to actually pray for them with the person present.But we know from experience that many people simply want to know that they will be prayed for, or a friend or relative prayed for.

So,the process is simple.If you would like to e mail us on the  email address at the foot of this article we will then pray for you in a Sunday service, and if you so request it, we can back that prayer up with a pastoral visit.

Alternatively you can come along to church, fill in one of the prayer request cards and put it in the box in the entrance Porch.  Or you can come along to a 10.30am service on a Sunday where prayer ministry is always offered at some point in the service.

Whatever choice you make be assured we have your best pastoral interests at heart.

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