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Statement of Needs

Statement of Significance


Our plans have now been submitted for faculty. This construction elements of this project are comprised the following work:

  • Repair of the nave roof
  • Removal of the pews and pew platform
  • New engineered timber floor with Jupiter underfloor heating
  • Extended chancel stone flooring
  • New servery under the bell tower
  • New lobby entrance, accessible WC and chair store
  • Pulpit relocated with new stone base
  • Associated mechanical and electrical works
  • Additional external drainage

In addition, we propose to

  • Remove the current organ and replace this with a modern free-standing organ
  • Remove the altar in the south aisle and commission a new moveable holy table
  • Remove the old sound desk and install a new AV control desk
  • Remove the cupboards and carpet in the vestry to expose tiled floor
  • Remove and replace the existing convection heaters
  • Reposition the choir stall pew frontal on the north wall
  • Reposition the altar cloth cupboard frontal
  • Add storage to both the south aisle and nave

The drawings below shown the overall layout for the reordered church

Drawing Title


Proposed Floor Plan               

0771.P.001 Proposed Floor Plan-A1_rev H -.pdf

Proposed Sections        

0771.P.002 Proposed Sections-A1_rev D.pdf

Proposed Interior Elevations         

0771.P.003 Proposed Interior Elevations-A1_rev C.pdf



We propose to replace the pews with light-weight, moveable, stackable chairs. The exact chair is yet to be decided.

This will open up the possibilities to come together as a church in new and imaginative ways – e.g., dance, drama, shared meals, speaking events, music concerts, coffee mornings, children’s playgroups.

It will allow us for example, invite speakers to speak to an audience sat at café style tables where they will be served food and drinks. We could similarly invite the schools to a drama event with plenty of floor space for the action and large audience. We will be able to offer the community a warm, welcoming, flexible space for a variety of purposes, in conjunction with the Village Hall.

In addition to allowing us to hold a wider variety of activities, moveable chairs are far more inclusive for wheelchair users. Wheelchair users will no longer need to be positioned in the aisle at the end of a pew and can be included in the body of the congregation. They will be able to circulate freely at community events.

A storage cupboard next to the entrance is included in the plans so that the chairs can be stacked and put away when not required.

Below are illustrations of 4 possible seating plan options;

Drawing Title


Seating facing the north wall  

0771.P.004 Proposed Seating option A-A3_rev -.pdf

Seating facing the chancel      

0771.P.005 Proposed Seating option B-A3_rev -.pdf

Seating in a central circle        

0771.P.006 Proposed Seating option C-A3_rev -.pdf

Seating café style                     

0771.P.007 Proposed Seating option D-A3_rev -.pdf



Access to the servery will be via a folding, sliding door with toughened glass panels set in oak. This will ensure that this area is very discrete and doesn’t detract from building as a place of worship.  Access will also be possible from the small exterior door at the back of the bell tower. There will be a hinged counter to serve drinks from.  The wooden flooring with underfloor heating will be extended into the servery.

Facilities within the kitchen will include

  • an oven
  • an induction hob with a combined extractor
  • an undercounter integrated fridge
  • an undercounter integrated dishwasher
  • a stainless-steel sink and a stainless-steel handbasin
  • a water heater
  • cupboards
  • a silestone worktop
  • a plinth heater
  • an extractor fan

This will allow the preparation and/or warming of simple food and drinks. The ability to offer hospitality in this way will radically extend the sort of church and community events that the building can support.

The fact that the servery is a separate area, which is well lit from the newly revealed east window and which can be accessed from the back, means that health and safety risks are significantly reduced.  Placing the Servery in the Bell tower means that people coming and in and out of the church will not be blocked by people drinking tea and coffee.

The drawings below show the layout of the new servery.


Drawing Title


Servery Plan           

0771.WD.001 Servery Joinery Details-A1_rev C.pdf

Servery Screen       

0771.WD.002 Servery Screen Details-A1_rev -.pdf

Servery Cupboards

0771.WD.003 Servery Cupboard Unit-A3_rev A.pdf



The existing flagstones in the lobby will be re-laid to rise at a slight angle to meet the new wooden floor inside.

The green baize doors will be replaced with glazed doors within a slim bronze frame and the existing historic doors will be held open permanently.  A manifestation (design etched in the glass to make it visible) is yet to be agreed.  The lobby will have timber panelling above and be well lit.      

A fully accessible WC will be built on the right-hand side of the lobby, with a door which opens towards the back of the church for discretion. This will be made of oak panels which match the servery. This will by full soundproofed and have a silent extract vent to the outside of the building. An alarm pull chord will be included within the WC.


A chair store with the capacity to hold around 100 stacked chairs will be built on the left-hand side of the lobby with a door which opens towards the front of the church. This will be made of oak panels which match the servery.

The drawings below show the layout of these features.

Drawing Title


Lobby Plan                 

0771.WD.010 Lobby Joinery Details - A1_Rev D-.pdf

Lobby Cross Section 

0771.WD.011 Lobby Joinery Details - Section Through Lobby -A1_rev B -.pdf 

Chair Store Cross Section            

0771.WD.012 Lobby Joinery Details - Section through Store -A1_rev B -.pdf   

WC Plan   

0771.WD.015 W.C Interior Elevations-A3_rev -.pdf                                         



In addition to the chair store, ample storage will be provided by cupboards at both ends of the South Aisle and in the Nave to provide a clear and uncluttered church. This storage will also cater for items currently stored in the vestry.

These cupboards will be made from oak panels which match the servery. The memorials on the west wall will be moved up to accommodate the cupboards below.

Drawing Title


South Aisle storage cupboards east 

0771.WD.004 South Aisle Joinery Details - East - A1_rev A -.pdf

South Aisle storage cupboards west

0771.WD.005 South Aisle Joinery Details - West-A1_rev A -.pdf

Nave Joinery Details                            

0771.WD.008 Nave Joinery Details-A1_rev C-.pdf 

Cupboard Units

0771.WD.006 Storage Cupboard Unit-A3_rev B -.pdf

Cupboard Units with fan 

0771.WD.007 Storage Cupboard Unit - With Fan-A3_rev A -.pdf   




All cupboards in the vestry will be removed. The front of the altar cloth chest, with Victorian carving, will be reconditioned to be lighter and reused elsewhere in the church.

Removing the cupboards will expose monuments currently covered by the largest cupboard. The carpet will also be removed to reveal the red and black diamond patterned tiles, which will be repaired and cleaned. Glazed panels will be inserted into the existing doors and the area above the doors will be sealed with laminated glass. This will not only keep the church warmer, and sound-proofed but will make the vestry a larger, more separate space with its own access to the outdoors and the outdoor lavatory.

Chancel Floor

The stone chancel floor will be retained and extended in matching stone, with new stone steps. Th existing handrails will be retained and adapted to extend beyond the new step.

AC Control Desk

The existing sound system will be replaced with a new AV Control Desk with integrated chair. This will have a lockable, lift off cover.


The bottom tier of the Jacobean pulpit is from a later date. This will be removed and replaced with a stone base in Cotswold Limestone and will be positioned at the end of the extended chancel floor.

Drawing Title


AC Control Desk                              

0771.WD.013 AV Control Desk-A1_rev A -.pdf

Proposed Pulpit                               

0771.WD.014 Proposed Puplit-A3_rev -.pdf

Vestry Screen and Chancel Floor 

0771.WD.009 Vestry Screen-A1_rev B.pdf   


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