Discovering the Christian Faith

Here are some of the highlights of courses we have done.

Alpha and Christianity Explored,Freedom in Christ, Puzzling Questions,Taking Jesus and the Bible Course.

We have run Alpha, Christianity Explored, Puzzling Questions, Jesus the Gamechanger and Freedom in Christ courses at All Saints.  .The subject of our 2015 Weekend Staycation was discipleship with Lucy Pepppiat and Nick Crawley, and in 2016 we looked at the Holy Spirit, prophecy the gifts of the Holy Spirit and healing with Tim and team from Christ Church Bristol.  In 2017 we looked at repentance and knowing and trusting in God, and in 2018 we looked at healing and renewal and being ready for Christ's return with the help of the Revd Keith Powell of ReSource. We believe its key to have good evangelism courses and good discipleship courses e.g Our summer Bible Course and sermon series on Revelation,above all we want to live out the truths of the Kingdom of God,and know God's grace and mercy and power in our lives.In 2018 and 2019 we ran the Bible Society Bible Course and The HOPE UK "Talking Jesus" evangelism course, and late in 2019 the Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course. For more information please contact




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