Intercessions 6 December 2020

Intercessions 6th December 2020


‘How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation.’ (Isaiah 52:7)

Heavenly Father, as John the Baptist came preparing the way for the Lord Jesus Christ, and His salvation, may Your Holy Spirit prepare people’s hearts to receive the message of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, this Christmas, and empower us by Your Spirit, to share boldly the good news that Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us, in these difficult times, and forever.


Lord, show us Your way of peace, teach us Your paths.


God of hope, as we wait in these times of turmoil, facemasks and lockdowns, enable us to keep our eyes fixed on You, our Deliverer. Give us grace to look beyond ourselves and remember those in far more difficult situations, especially our persecuted brothers and sisters, who are suffering great poverty, and violence, and where coronavirus has been yet one more hardship to add to what they already bear so patiently. We pray too for the people in the 43 countries with the highest poverty rates, whose lives have been devastated by this pandemic, and its aftermath. Give us compassionate hearts to support them in their suffering, in any and every way we can.


Lord, show us Your way of peace, teach us Your paths.


Only Wise God, we pray for our nation and ask that You will give people a hunger for You, in these uncertain times. Lead and guide our government as they struggle to balance the safety of its people, with the economic devastation of Covid-19, alongside continued Brexit negotiations. May Your justice, integrity and compassion, be at the forefront of all decisions.

We pray for those who are so desperately lonely and for whom these present times, have been, and continue to be too much to bear; for those in care homes, still unable to hold their loved ones; for those whose mental health has left them in the darkness of depression and anxiety. We ask for Your provision for all who have lost jobs, and those who are suffering hunger or homelessness. Bless us with opportunities to bring the peace, hope, joy and love of Jesus, as well as physical supplies to these precious people. May all Food banks and our own Food Collective, have more than enough to meet all needs. Give us generous hearts, so that men may see our good deeds and praise You, our Father.


Lord, show us Your way of peace, teach us Your paths.


Father, we thank You for all those who are continuing to serve us sacrificially throughout this pandemic; for those who are helping to produce an effective vaccine. We ask for Your strength and blessings upon all our NHS workers, many of whom are under relentless pressure and stress. We ask for protection to our police; for help to all teachers, who have had to work in many new ways; for blessings upon church ministers providing live, and online services; for retail staff, especially in the food sector; for busy delivery and council workers, and all others who are making our lives as comfortable and safe as possible. Help us to be sensitive in our dealings with them, and gentle in our actions. Keep us alert to their needs, and ready with a word of encouragement.


Lord, show us Your way of peace, teach us Your paths.


Gracious Father, we thank You today for our Church here, and that a number of us can meet together to worship You, our Saviour.

We pray for Your blessing, upon Operation Christmas Child, and upon the dear children who will receive these boxes of delights.  May these children, and all across the world, be blessed with childhoods that are a special, protected time, when they are allowed to grow, learn, play develop, and flourish with dignity. Prosper every project that is seeking to fulfil this ideal,

especially Daniel and Sarah, our mission partners, as they work with street children in Brazil.

We thank You for Tudor and Tricia, and for their constant and sacrificial service to us all, and ask for abundant fruit from their ministry this Christmas. We pray for all who serve in any capacity, and ask that You will bless the work of all our hands, that this church will grow and flourish physically and spiritually.

Lord of great compassion and comfort, touch the lives of all who are suffering in this church, bring healing to the sick, in body, mind and spirit, ease pain and grant restful sleep.

Soothe and strengthen them with great tenderness, that they may know that they rest in the arms of the One whose love never fails.


Lord, fill this church, and all our homes, with Your peace, that passes all understanding, throughout this time of darkness, loneliness, and deep loss.  Keep us alert to the needs and hopes of others, and whether here or at home, may we reflect Your presence and Your glory.


Lord, show us Your way of peace, and teach us Your paths.


Merciful Father, accept these prayers, for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.




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