Intercessions 11 April 2021

Intercessions - 11 April 2021

Easter 2 - John 20:19-31

Our Easter response this morning is: Through Christ’s resurrection, Lord, save us and help us.

Let us pray in faith to the Father who raised his son from the dead.

Increase the faith of the Church, dispersing doubts and fears that hold us back from complete trust in you.  You are our Lord and Our God and we ask for your continued blessing as we celebrate the joy of Christ’s Resurrection and the hope and redemption this brings to each and everyone of us equally.

Heal divisions among Christians, making all of one heart and soul in faith to proclaim the power of the Resurrection.

Through Christ’s resurrection, Lord, save us and help us. 

Break through the closed doors of human hearts.  Make the desire for sharing and co-operation prevail over selfishness and greed.  Bring peace to the troubled places of the world; we continue to remember the troubles in Syria, Mexico, Mali, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, North Korea, Ukraine and Nigeria.

Bless all those in authority and strengthen those who work to share the reconciliation won at such a cost upon the cross.

Through Christ’s resurrection, Lord, save us and help us.

May the spirit of love dwell among our families, friends and families.  Admitting where we have offended, let us live in harmony with all.

At this time we also pray for our forthcoming local elections and for those willing to serve in these public roles and we are grateful for privilege of democracy that we have here in the UK.

Through Christ’s resurrection, Lord, save us and help us. 

Have mercy on those who faith is clouded by doubt and who walk in darkness.  Restore them to the full joy of your salvation and give them peace.

Bless those all who lead the Church’s worship and mission particularly the commitment of your servants Tudor and Tricia and our PCC.  For delivering our online services and the presence and momentum that this has maintained during the COVID pandemic.  We are grateful that we can now meet again in person to share:      the preaching of the word,             the celebration of the sacraments,  the majesty of our building and     each other in fellowship.

Through Christ’s resurrection, Lord, save us and help us. 

Raise up with the breath of your power those who have died to this world.  We pray especially for the lives of Frank Baker and Nancy Roberts and their friends and families who will be grieving at this time.  Grant them the full vision of the risen Christ in whom they have eternal life.

We pray for those who are ill and suffering.  May your healing love overflow those affected especially those know to us personally; bring peace, hope and strength into their situation.

Through Christ’s resurrection, Lord, save us and help us. 

And now a special prayer for HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

God of our lives,

we give thanks for the life of Prince Philip, for the love he shared among us, and for his devotion to duty.

We entrust him now to your love and mercy, through our Redeemer Jesus Christ. 

Be close to all who mourn, especially The Queen and all members of the Royal Family.  May they know the hope of your promises and the comfort of your love.

We give thanks for Prince Philip’s vision and imagination, his interest in young people and his support for them, for founding the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which provides experience, challenge and inspiration for the next generation.

Inspire us with the same commitment to serve friend, neighbour, and stranger alike, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Through Christ’s resurrection, Lord, save us and help us.

Confident in the power of Christ in whom we have eternal life, we pray in his name.

Accept these prayers

For the sake of your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.



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