Intercessions 14 February 2021

                                 Prayer for February 14th


Father God


We give thanks that you shine like a light in the darkness in this world through your son Jesus Christ.

On this St Valentines day we thank you for your unconditional unending love.

We see the glory of your creation as each day the hours of light lengthen. We see the harbingers of spring the delicate snowdrops and catkins, sights that lift our hearts.

Give us the passion and drive to care for this wonderful planet and  to minimise the damage that is done by man.


Lord, we give thanks for those who work tirelessly in these uncertain times. For the exhausted NHS staff who give aid and compassion against seemingly neverending trauma.Put your hand upon them

and give them peace and resilience.

For all the workers who keep our society going. Police, teachers, social care workers,supermarket staff, dustmen and all others. Let your face shine upon them.


We give thanks to all who are in Mission abroad. Be with them at this time and keep them safe.


Thank you for the vaccination programme and those who made it possible so quickly. May it progress apace so that the whole world may be vaccinated and made safe.


We pray that your presence will be felt in hospitals where so many are still gravely ill. Give them your peace and help them to face the future without fear.


Lord God. Be with those who mourn and those who are suffering with mental health issues. Let them feel your presence, love and that peace that passes all understanding.


We thank you for our government and Queen. We are blessed that we are at peace but many places around the world do not have that privilege. We pray for Russia, Myamar, Syria and all places affected by war and dissent.


Lord we pray for Tudor and Tricia as they lead us each week and for all the Church community.


Father God,  we praise and thank you. Strengthen us in our faith so that we may each play our part.


A quote from the prayer of Francis of Assissi.


Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair , hope; where there is darkness light; and where is sadness, joy.


Thank you Lord






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