Intercessions 2 May 2021


God we are weary with Covid-19 and the continual suffering and limitations it has imposed. We have a sense of hopelessness about the state of the planet which we have overrun and polluted. We are dismayed by on-going wars and oppression across the world. We are discouraged by leaders who fail to be honourable and truthful.

We are a forlorn world in need of rescue – please help us.

We pray for India and Brazil, that other nations will freely give them the vaccines, medicines and support they need to save lives.  We pray for the sick, the frightened, the isolated, those who have died and those who are in the frontline of the fight against Covid-19.  Loving Father please comfort and strengthen them all. Help us to hold on to the truth that nothing is outside your will and you can turn all things to your purposes.

Creator God what a mess we have made of your planet. How poorly we have looked after this beautiful home. Please will you guide mankind to transform the way we live so that it is in harmony with natural world. Please protect all the species we have endangered and help us restore their environments.

God of Peace, war is raging in Afghanistan to drive out the Taliban, there is civil war in Yemen, Syria and Somalia, Mexico is battling powerful drug cartels and in many other places in the world citizens are oppressed and live diminished lives. We know that ultimately the forces of evil have been defeated but for now they continue to wreak havoc. In your mercy help bring peace and freedom to these places. We pray for the hearts of all those who oppress to be changed.

God of all truth – it’s very disappointing and discouraging to have leaders who lack integrity. We give thanks for the Queen and her evident faith. We pray for more leaders who live their lives based on Christian values not only in our government but in all our public institutions.

God who makes all things new, we pray for revival for the Church in the UK. We live in an ungodly society of the lost and empty – please bring people back to the way, the truth and the life. Have pity God on this nation and empower the churches here to bring people back to faith.

Thank you for all those who work to bring the light of your grace to the world – please bless all ministers, missionaries, curates, chaplains, youth workers and others who are seeking to serve you and make you known.

We pray for Swindon which has a proud history through the Great Western Railway of looking after the sick which became the model of the National Health Service. Please help this town build on this legacy and become a place where people are cared for. We pray for the churches of Swindon to be united and mutually supportive and to experience revival.

For our own church we pray you blessing on Tudor, Tricia and Tim, and ask you to give them all that they need to be effective in their ministry. We also ask you to be close to and inspire everyone else who serves and supports our church.

We pray for all who are sick in body, mind or spirit – in particular Julian Wright, Anne Dwight, Angela Carter and Jill and Michael Mucklow. In a moment of quiet we each lift someone to you who needs your help.

We especially pray for the Prayer Course on zoom starting Monday May 10th at 7.30pm and Fridays and Friday morning on 14th May.

Finally, God we pray for ourselves.

Help us to be grafted into Jesus and the true vine recognising that without you we can do nothing. One of your best promises is that you have started a good work in us and will see it through to completion. Help us to accept our pruning and learn quickly from you so that our joy can be complete.

We pray that we will truly take in the example of Philip the evangelist, May we get close enough to here you speaking and obey whatever your call is on our lives. Help us to accept and meet people where they are without any kind of judgement and trust the rest to you.

Merciful Father – accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our saviour, Jesus Christ.














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