Intercessions 21 March 2021

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for all that you are, have been and will continue to be. The heavens call out your glory and the world is infused with your creative beauty. Holy God, you are a consuming fire to all that isn’t pure, and we’d be incinerated in an instant in your presence without your grace and mercy. You are perfect, exulted, and true.

Keep before us always the radiance of your goodness and show us the depth of your magnificence so that we stay in the right relationship with you, of reverence and awe. Forgive us when we forget your greatness, power, majesty and splendour.

We therefore bring our concerns to you this morning our high and holy Father knowing all things are in your hands and nothing is beyond your healing.


Firstly, we pray for the oppressed in Myanmar and Hong Kong where freedoms are being removed from people, that their freedom will be restored to them.

We have the largest humanitarian crisis in the world in Yemen, with more than 24 million people – some 80% of the population needing assistance including more than 12 million children. Lord God we pray for an end to this conflict and the world to come together to help these people.

Our climate is in crisis through selfishness, greed and indifference, we pray for a radical transformation in how humanity treats the planet and that this is global and long lasting.

We give thanks that the pandemic is beginning to recede due to lockdowns and the vaccination programme. We pray for a kinder, more thoughtful world to result from this time.

We pray for your blessing on all missionaries and in particular for our partners in Mission Aviation Fellowship and in Brazil.

Thank you for the Queen and her faithful upholding of the Christian Faith for the 69 years of her reign. We pray for her health and happiness and that of Prince Philip with a blessing on their marriage.

Father 245 million Christian live in the 50 countries ranked on the World Watch List as worst for Christians with around 4000 a year killed for their faith. We are grateful that you know each one by name – show us what we can do to help.

Local Church

We pray for breakthrough in our church here in Lydiard Millicent  - give us a breakthrough in evangelism, discipleship, community and serving. Lead us we ask to be who you intend us to be help us live lives of witness, generosity and goodness.

Teach us how to make every member feel part of your family and how to support each other. We pray for all those who are unwell in body mind and spirit. Please be with them and bring your healing and your peace. In a moment of quiet we each lift someone to you who needs your particular help at this time.

Bless our leaders Tudor and Tricia and everyone who has a role in serving our church – please deepen their faith and give them gladness in everything they are doing.

As we near the end of the church year and the AGM we ask for a fresh vision for our church which takes us to a new level.


Finally, Father, we pray for ourselves. Thank you that you have put your law in our minds and written it on our hearts. Give us a really sharp conscience so we are always aware of these laws and help us to have a willing spirit to obey.

With the help of Jesus our great high priest help us to die to self and all our egotistical desires and bear fruit by following him. Give us a right vision and perspective to know who we serve so this gives us joy.

Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.




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