Prayers for 27 June 2021

Prayers for 27th June


Father God

We heard in the gospel reading about trust. The trust of a woman who believed she would be healed by touching Jesus's cloak. Jairus who trusted Jesus to heal his daughter and the doubters who told him not to bother because she had already died. Then Jesus's words to the woman My daughter your faith has made you well and to Jairus 'Don't be afraid, only believe' before he brought the little girl back to life.

Please Lord give us this faith to step forward in belief.


We have been gifted with a wonderful world. Looking around in these summer days we give thanks for the beauty that surrounds us and the wonders of nature.

We give thanks for the warm summer sun and the rain that makes our land fertile and verdant.

We acknowledge that many countries do not share a green and pleasant land. There are droughts, floods and famine in many places.

The heat can lead to forest fires destroying forests habitats and livelihoods, the floods causing devastation, destruction and increased pollution.

Man with his constant demand for wealth and material goods exacerbates these changes.

Lord give us the strength  us to be a beacon of light in these times and stand up for what is right.

Keeping our faith in your higher purpose and remembering those words.

' Dont be afraid only believe'


Many places continue to be ravaged by war. It is often hard to understand why people cannot live in peace, why there always has to be winners and  losers. So many people crushed, their homes and livelihoods destroyed, children killed because of the obsession of their leaders. Lord give those leaders humility to want the best for all rather than demanding  it all for themselves and destroying their countries in the process.

Help us trust that you have the answers remembering those words

'Dont' be afraid only believe'


Thank you for the continuing success of the vaccination programme. May we get all the adult population vaccinated so that some sort of normality may return. We are so fortunate that we live in a time that has the technology to produce these amazing results. We give thanks for the workers in the NHS we must not get complacent . There are many staff who are exhausted after the trauma of the past year yet they are expected to go back to normal with the added workload of the backlog. We pray that they sense your presence and feel your peace and can hear your words

'Don't be afraid only believe'


Lord be with those who mourn. The pain of loss never goes completely but if they can feel your presence it will  give comfort.

Be with those who are in pain, physical or mental. The lockdown has been traumatic for many, operations cancelled, fear of seeking medical assistance because of covid,.mental stress fom isolation and lack of human contact.Let us take a moment silence to pray for those known to us

Let them and us trust in your words

'Don't be afraid only believe'


Bless all in Church mission, Ben, Sarah and family in Brazil, and Ben and Ann Sibthorpe and family in Australia.

Be with Tricia as she adjusts to her new role as Chaplain in Bristol prison and Tudor as he continues

to lead the Church community.

Those words that Jesus spoke resonate with us all

'Don't be afraid, only believe'

Be with us all assuaging our fears, holding us in your loving arms and strengthening our belief.

In your name Lord


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