Intercessions 28 February 2021


Our God and Father we see a world in chaos - war and rumours of wars, hunger, disease and inequity.

Where there is division like never before, bring respect and understanding.

Make each one of us an instrument of your peace in this world and help us to show love where there is hatred; equip us to bring hope in the midst of despair.



We pray for those in our government - help them to rise to the challenges they are facing, give them courage to do things not done before, to make decisions based on what is right and good for the people of our country.  

Father, help those trying to deal with new border regulations and give them perseverance.



We pray for those who are in need of the food bank, that they will recognise that Christians are helping them and that they themselves are precious to us.

We pray that the divisions in our community, caused by political issues, will be healed, and that we will remember that we should listen to those who hold differing views to ourselves..

We pray that the vaccines will protect the vulnerable and start to bring life back to a semblance of normality soon.

We give thanks for the road map back to a new normal and pray that we may be patient and follow the guidance given.

We pray that teachers will not be afraid even if they have not been vaccinated, but able to focus on teaching and supporting their students

We thank you that many churches have found new ways of helping in their communities and we thank you that even though we are not able to physically be in church yet, that whether on Zoom or Youtube we can be church together.


Those in need

We pray for those who are homeless; for those fearing eviction; for those in abusive relationships: that they may know where to go for help.

We pray for those who are still shielding and whose health is suffering  - encourage them, give them strength and protect them.

We pray for those in hospital - that they might know that they are loved and cared for even when family and friends cannot be with them.

For Doctors and nurses and other staff, in ICU or Covid wards, or  in nursing homes - that even with long shifts and challenging conditions that they may be strengthened physically and mentally.


Father God, we pray these things through your Son, Jesus Christ, amen.

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