Intercessions 30 May 2021

Intercessions 30th May 2021.

Holy Father, along with King David in today’s psalm, we ascribe to You the glory due to Your Name. We worship You in the splendour of Your holiness. We bow in awe at Your amazing grace and love, which You have shown us in the giving of Your Son Jesus, on the cross.  Fill us with Your Holy Spirit each new day, that we may spread the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ, as we share the glorious message of the hope of eternal life through Jesus.


God of hope, fill us with joy and peace in believing.


Abba, Father, as we look around our broken world, we weep with You, yet we look forward to the time when the kingdoms of the world will become the kingdom of Christ our Lord.  We thank You for the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and we pray for a lasting peace. Strengthen the hearts of all those who live in fear of violent attacks, in all conflict-torn areas of the world, comfort those who are suffering the agony of bereavement and loss and heal those who have suffered injury and trauma.

We ask for continued help to all those struggling with the intense pressure and suffering caused by Covid, especially in India and Brazil, and the poorer nations. We pray

that sufficient vaccines will be distributed fairly in all areas of the world.

We pray that there will be a spirit of wisdom and unity amongst the World Health Organisation delegates, as they conclude their meetings this week, about ways to protect people in case of a Covid-19 resurgence, or other future epidemics.

We ask for Your protection to be upon our persecuted brothers and sisters in the world, many who suffer constant violations daily. We ask that Christians will be recognised as bringers of peace, health and wholeness, rather than a threat, in all fragile and fractured regions of the world.


God of hope, fill us with joy and peace in believing.


Gracious Father, we thank You for the amazing success of the vaccination programme in our own country, and we pray for continued wisdom to scientists and our government leaders, as they make decisions to further ease lockdown restrictions, whilst aiming to contain the spread of the Indian variant. Help them to work with integrity and truth at all times. We pray that the economy will recover well, so that livelihoods can be restored, especially for all suffering hardship and financial difficulties.

Sustain our NHS as they face a huge backlog of operations and treatments. Thank You that many are signing up to train in the medical profession since the pandemic, and ask that the current shortage of nurses and GP’s will be overcome in time. We pray for a viable and fair social care system to be put in place, and that human life will be valued, from the unborn to the elderly.

Support our young people and children who are still under pressure to catch up on lost teaching hours; for those who are responsible for their education in all age groups; for students after a challenging year of mainly online study; and for those who are struggling to find employment.


God of hope, fill us with joy and peace in believing.


Faithful Lord, we pray for our community, asking You to bless the ministry of those who support the homeless, those who feel they are of no value, or who have fallen on hard times.  Thank You for Night Shelter, who display the love and compassion of Christ for all to see. Bless Swindon Food Collective, and all who have a heart for those in need. May all these organisations help people to have dignity and hope.

We pray for our own church here. Thank You for the new ministry that You have opened up for Tricia.  Anoint her as she shares the good news of Jesus to those who need hope and a fresh start.

Help Tudor as he adjusts to new ways of ministry, and may we support him, making his role a joy and not a burden. May we serve one another in love and unity, that we will bear much fruit for Your kingdom.

Father of compassion, we bring to You, those who have been bereaved, and the sick and suffering in our church, and those lovingly caring for them. We ask You to pour Your Holy Spirit upon them, and heal them. May they know Your peace in their pain, strength in their weakness, and Your perfect love which casts out all fear.

Give great joy, Lord, to those getting married here this week. May they know Your presence with them always.


God of hope, fill us with joy and peace in believing.


I finish with some of the verses from a Prayer song released for ‘Thy kingdom come’.


We seek Your kingdom throughout every sphere,

We long for heaven’s demonstration here,

Jesus Your light shines bright for all to see,

Transform, revive and heal society.


Forgive us Lord when we have not engaged,

Failing to scribe Your heart on history’s page,

Make us again what we were made to be.

Transform, revive and heal society.


Faithful to govern ever may we be,

Selfless in service, loving constantly,

In everything may Your authority,

Transform, revive and heal society.                                          AMEN.











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