4 April 2021 Easter Day Intercessions

Our Gracious God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you that on this glorious Easter morning, we can celebrate that Jesus is indeed risen from the dead.

Allelujah, he is risen indeed.

We think of your global church today, celebrating that Jesus is alive. In small groups, at home, in prison, in hospital, away in the armed services, on Zoom or on line…Our language, race and nationalities may be different, but our worship is one and our praise, universal.

We pray for our world today. There is so much that is broken and spoilt. Families broken through the death of a loved one. Some families struggling with working from home and others struggling not being able to see loved ones. So much of daily life has had to be put on hold or cancelled.

We pray for business leaders and workers whose situation has become precarious because of lock down. We thank you for the many initiatives that have been started to help others.

We pray today for teachers, for NHS staff, for those who work in the emergency services. especially for the police force who have been facing such hostility in recent days.

We pray for those who have been suffering with their mental health for a long time and for those for who have recently suffered over these past months. We thank you that Jesus can bring life and hope!

We have heard in recent days that the country of Brazil is suffering greatly as a result of the Covid pandemic. We pray for Daniel and Sarah and their daughters Sophie and Ana our mission partners there with Church Mission Society

We bring before you The Sibthorpe family in N.Australia serving with MAF.

We pray for the believers living in Myanmar where life is so chaotic following the army takeover. For other regimes where Christians are marginalized and tortured for their faith.

We pray for wisdom for Government leaders worldwide. We pray for our PM Boris Johnson in the difficult decisions he has to take. We thank you heavenly father for the doctors and scientists who have been working so hard to find vaccines to help protect and safeguard the people of the world. For those who have had the responsibility of the `rollout`, and all the volunteers who have made it possible.

We thank you dear Lord for the beauty of your creation at this time of year. For the wonder of the amazing colours that are beginning to emerge after the barreness of the winter months. For the signs of new life as the lambing season is getting underway.

We pray for Elizabeth our Queen who has had decisions to take in her own family. We thank you that Prince Philip has now been allowed home...

We pray for Justin Welby , and Vyv the Bishop of our diocese.

We pray for Tudor and Tricia, that they all may know your protection and wisdom in these challenging times. We pray for the many Christians who live and serve in our area.

We pray for their pastors and leaders. For all seeking to uphold the name of Jesus.

We thank you Father that we are able to meet again in this church in Lydiard Millicent We pray that your Holy Spirit will guide and strengthen us in our service to you. This maybe in our local community or further afield . Whether in person, or phone or social media, or whatever way we can serve you dear Lord.

We pray that we may draw closer to you this week whether in prayer or reading your word, or in quiet meditation. May we appreciate your love for us and those we encounter.

It would be good to close this time of prayer with the grace

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,be with you all


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